Hemerocallis darrowiana was named after Dr. George Macmillan Darrow, By Dr.Hu. S. Y. Hu. discovered H. darrowiana on the Sakhalin Island of Japan.
Sakhalin (Russian: Сахали́н, IPA: [səxʌˈlʲin]; Japanese: 樺太 (karafuto?) or サハリン (saharin?); Chinese: 庫頁 Kùyè), also Saghalien, is a large elongated island in the North Pacific, lying between 45°50′ and 54°24′ N. It is part of Russia and is its largest island, administered as part of Sakhalin Oblast. The indigenous peoples of the island are the Sakhalin Ainu, Oroks, and Nivkhs.[1] However in 1949 Russians expelled all Ainu (and Japanese) on the island with most relocating to Hokkaidō.[2
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No known specimen of H. darrowiana is grown in cultivation. No known photo of the plant exists either. Hemerocallis darrowiana

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